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Client focused, Analytically driven design.

Success in the numbers + Project Portfolio

Build + Convert

A custom website design + build is only as good as the goal-funnel success rate it produces. For this local hair salon, their main goal was to increase hair & nail appointments. The results were undeniable!

Engaging user flow

  • 300% increase in monthly leads
  • 450% increase in GMB Activiy

Custom Content

Goal-driven design

website builder for small business

“Leads from Google for a steal!, We never knew how many people were Googling for our services, now all of them like our Google page so much that we cant handle all of the calls, i’ve had to hire multiple new stylists to account for the new walk-ins i am receiving. Thank you Gage for working with me and helping me grow my small salon into something great! Cant wait until we open up salon #2! ” Ypsichcks Owner – Melissa Adams



Target + Engage

Delivering a custom package for a growing independent small business (single person running the show) – There’s a lot to consider including – Resource allocation, budget fluctuations, and the ability to “stay on top” of all things marketing. We offered an all-inclusive marketing package to allow the growing real estate team to grow and convert more users in their market. 

Prominent Tool Promotion


Engaging content

Creative Approach

website designer

Idenitfy + Win!

A Social Media campaign is only as good as the results it produces. Running 20+ different social media ads for this local political campaign offered the politician a chance to appeal and engage with her ideal target market. Having such a small demographic and niche market goal, offered us to really hit the users we wanted to.

Won The Election

  • 30% less spend than previous campaigns
  • Won by her largest margin ever
  • Campaign website had 350% more users than previous two campaigns (combined!)

Creative Ads



website designer

“This was my first time using Social Media instead of Newspaper Ads for my election. I was nervous at first, but after a few ads, it was evident that the return was 10x better than anything I had ran before.

I ended up spending 25% less than last election, and winning by my largest margin ever! Thank you SMITHBIZ!” Reggie Miller – Van Buren Township, Elected Trustee

Conversion Rates + Goal Completions

We design + Build websites & Ads focused on internal goals – Convert Real Users to Real Conversions! From initial ad click, through optimized website user experience, digital are becoming the number one sales tool for most innovatively positioned brands! Start optimizing your digital experience today, with SmithBiz!
  • Conversion Rate – 90%
  • Return Users – 77%
  • Social Following – 85%

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